Czech Mates 2 - Hole Triangles

I was so excited to receive our order of these wonderful little beads that I couldn't wait to create something with them. These have been designed by CzechMates who have made a selection of 2 holed beads in different shapes but with the 2 holes, in each style, the same distance apart so that they can all be incorporated in designs together. The triangles measure 6mm on each side by 2mm thick with rounded corners.

For this design, I combined one of my favourite beads of the moment - Super Duos - with these gorgeous CzechMates 2 - Hole Triangles & embellished with some Miyuki Seed Beads to create this pretty little flower.

I have written a set of instructions for the pattern which shows you how to make the flower & then how to transform this into a ring & a bracelet.

We currently stock 18 colours in this range but we will be adding to this over the next few weeks.

What will you make with your beads?

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